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Back in California
Forums working, site on new host
Welcome to the Official DL Ranks
Welcome from all DL goes
Tentative Practice
New tournament info
DL participating in the U|M Invitational
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Sunday 23rd October, 2011

//." Back in California" by LordBios
Good to be back in SoCal! Living in Orange County.

Saturday 8th November, 2003

//." Forums working, site on new host" by Olympus
If you noticed, the forums are now working and the url just redirects to the temporary address here, on our new host. Thanks to the help of our dear friend Inferno from McH, I was able to backup and restore the database correctly, so nothing was lost in the move. Any urls still pointing somewhere on the domain will redirect to this one, and everything from is officially on the new host. In a day or two, the domain will have transferred and you will no longer see the domain.

As far as I know, if you have a e-mail, it will stop working once the domain transfers to the new host. Bios, Maul, and I will have to setup your e-mails on the new server. We'll let everyone know when we're ready for that.

Thursday 16th October, 2003

//." Welcome to the Official DL Ranks" by Maul
]DL[Harmless! Congrats on making it through the recruitment process! And welcome again!

Thursday 11th September, 2003

//." Welcome from all DL goes" by Maul
out to ]DL[Harmless[-r]!!! You now have access to the DL only portions of the forums. Enjoy and congrats!

Wednesday 10th September, 2003

//." Tentative Practice" by Maul
to be held tomorrow night @ about 8pm Pacific. Meet in irc around 8. Visit the private forums for the latest.

Friday 5th September, 2003

//." New tournament info" by Maul
Check the Private Forum for details.

Monday 18th August, 2003

//." DL participating in the U|M Invitational" by Maul
Go to the private forums and vote for what map you would like to play. Please do this as soon as possible. Thank you.

Friday 15th August, 2003

//." U|M Invitational" by Maul
We have been invited to participate in this first ever U|M Invitational. The bracket has been determined and we play clan []LAW[] in the first round. All those interested please post in the Private Forum under the U|M Invitational thread. More details as they arrive.

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