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Clan Dreaded Legion: Clan Guidelines

» Clan Guidelines
All members of Clan Dreaded Legion must follow these guidelines. Failure to comply with the guidelines at any time may result in being dismissed. These guidelines were created by ]DL[Maul and are owned by

» General Guidelines
Welcome Recruit!

You need to read the ]DL[ TEAM Guidelines:

Always RESPECT yourself, your clanmates, and all those who you play with/against. This means be humble when you win and gracious in defeat. Watch your language..not all servers are run by bikers from hell.

If there is ever any issues you have within the clan or others outside the clan, bring the issue to a clan leader first before taking any other step. Don't waste game time trying to hash something out with the offender. It is especially poor etiquette in a match situation.

Always do your best to achieve the given goal in whatever game and situation you may be in. It is always better to die than to hide to save $, as this may result in a TEAM WIN. When strategies are made ahead of time, stick to them unless you are told otherwise or are the last man standing, in which case do what you need to survive while still trying your best to achieve the goal.

There is absolutely no clan hopping. If there is a special circumstance then it can be brought before the rest of DL for evaluation. Sometimes we are honored to help other teams in making allstar teams for special purposes.

What clan leaders say is law. The only person to veto what the co leaders say is ]DL[LordBios as he is the overall clan leader at this time. Most of the time things will be put to a vote, but not in all cases.

Last and hopefully most obvious..DON'T EVER CHEAT!! If you are accused of cheating let someone know asap so we are aware of the situation and can defend you. In the ultra unlikely case that a DL is cheating they will be kicked out of the clan with no possibility of reinstatement.

Written by ]DL[Maul

» Counter-Strike Specific Guidelines
  1. Always guard the C4, Hostages, and/or back up your Teammates with your life, if their ]DL[ clan or not, even if it costs you a kill point. A team win is the greater goal!
  2. Buy weapons for other clansmen if possible.
  3. Share your knowledge and tactics with all clan members.
  4. Move as an organized unit, with the same goal in mind.
  5. Be a Mentor and example to newbies, new clanmembers, and the online gaming community.
  6. NEVER NEVER NEVER! use cheats.
  7. Use voice communication whenever possible.
  8. Practice playing on both sides, and on all maps, even if you dont like the map or team, we may have to play it during a match!
  9. Above all else HAVE FUN FRAGGING!


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