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Friday 8th August, 2003

//." Great Match" by Olympus
I just wanted to say that the match with UM and DL was a good one. It was a nice, fun, clean match. I think everyone had a great time and it was good for the clan to get out and do something competitive.

The match consisted of playing de_inferno twice and until the winning team reached 12 wins. The final scores were DL 12 UM 6 the first time, and DL 12 UM 3 the second time around.

Thanks goes out to U|M for hosting the match, and I'm glad everyone had a good time.

It's great to see that everyone active in the clan made it, including:

Preditor, Maul, JimmyJazz aka BMF, Chappy, Lil'Ruff, Avatar of Pain, Painkiller, Anon, and myself. I think that's everyone, if I left out someone I apologize.

Thanks to Maul for pretty much organizing everything from the get go.

It was a kickass match.

See the corresponding forum thread here:

Monday 4th August, 2003

//." Check the DL Private Forums" by Maul
In the General Private Forum I have a post called Scrim Against U|M. Read it and if you are intested in participating POST A REPLY. Thanx.

Monday 28th July, 2003

//." See my post.." by Maul
All DL members see my post in the Private Forums in the OK Then thread. It has server info that I'm requesting your input on.

Monday 2nd June, 2003

//." Fixed the Forums" by Olympus
Sorry all for not being able to fix the forums earlier than just a few minutes ago. The members table just got corrupted some how (*cough*_powweb_*cough*)...anyway all is good now, get back to posting.

Thursday 15th May, 2003

//." Congrats to our latest..." by Maul
]DL[ Members:


This post has been a long time coming. Thanx for being so patient guys! Also..Welcome back
]DL[Preditor and ]DL[P4inKill3r

Sunday 19th January, 2003

//." Good Practice" by Olympus
Well, the practice last night went real well. We almost had a full server at one point, with about 18 people...and then the server crashed. :-( Oh well, better luck next time. I'm glad a lot of ]DL[ showed up. I think about 8 of us were that Pred's back I'm assuming he'll schedule some more practices for us.

Friday 17th January, 2003

//." Our Next Practice" by Olympus
Ok I've changed the practice date to tomorrow night at 10 pm EST (saturday, the 18th) since a lot of people are doing other things tonight. So..We are holding the next ]DL[ practice tomorrow night...Saturday, January 18, at 10pm est. There is a thead in the private forums about this and if you are going to make it please reply. I'd like for as many of you to be there as possible. Next Practice Thread

Sunday 5th January, 2003

//." Practice & Scrim" by Olympus
Hello all. I just got back from a much needed short little vacation! Anyway, supposively the practice Saturday night was a mild success as far as I know.

Right now there are two big things going on. We have a scrimmage with clan [F8S] coming up. I'm not sure of the date as of now, because it was Monday but [F8S] has a BF 1942 match that day. Then they suggested Tuesday, but we have a much needed practice going on that night at 9 PM. We are looking for at least 10 DL to show up for that practice. We have over 25 members and most of us play CS, so there is no reason for less than 10 people showing up. Please respond to the thread in the forums about the practice and tell us if you are going to be there.
Practice 1/7/03 9 PM EST

As far as the scrimmage with F8S, the time and dates are pending and we need more input from them. If someone could go over to their website ( and see whats up please do so. In the meantime the thread for the F8S scrim is here:
F8S scrim


Monday 23rd December, 2002

//." Welcome aboard..." by Maul
]DL[X-303-R and ]DL[K-303-R. Wear
your tags proudly and great to
have you amongst our ranks!

Monday 18th November, 2002

//." DL has a server..holy crap!!!" by Maul
All DL and anyone else interested, check out our new server. Right now it has CS on it. The ip is
Please post comments/feedback/tips on the DL forums. Thank you.

Monday 11th November, 2002

//." Welcome aboard.." by Maul
]DL[Method!! We are very sorry that your official DL welcome came so late! Please wear your DL tags proudly as we are proud to have you amongst our ranks. :)

Friday 18th October, 2002

//." Some Minor Updates" by Olympus
I made some minor updates to the roster page, editing some members' information and I also added Skitzy.

Monday 7th October, 2002

//." Ideas needed!" by Olympus
Everyone needs to start looking at the forums more and getting involved!

For starters, check out this post in the forums.

Click here!

Sunday 29th September, 2002

//." DreadedLegion Mail Address" by LordBios
If you would like a DreadedLegion E-Mail address contact

Wednesday 25th September, 2002

//." Welcome aboard Skitzy" by Maul
You can now proudly wear your tags ]DL[Skitzy-R. Welcome aboard! Soon enough you'll be done with probation and can remove your -R. ;)

Wednesday 4th September, 2002

//." Hey Linder" by Maul
I have been notified that you no longer need to have the -R after your welcome to DL and please remove the -R at the end of your nick. Thank you. :)

Wednesday 28th August, 2002

//." Server now working" by Olympus
I just went and checked the BC Gamer server and it works fine.
The clan needs to start playing on it now that it works. This server fits all of our west coast crew perfectly.

The IP is

Friday 23rd August, 2002

//." Useful info" by Maul
All DL members please check out my post in the OSS forum. You may find it very beneficial!

Monday 12th August, 2002

//." It's LordBios' BDay!" by Maul
Be sure to visit the Happy BDay Bios! thread in the General Off-Topic forum to wish him well/send greetings.

Friday 9th August, 2002

//." Good Discussion" by Maul
All DL members please check the discussion going on in the Private General Forum in the "A UT2003 squad?" thread. Thank you for your participation!

Tuesday 30th July, 2002

//." Mch Tourney!!!" by LordBios
Please post in the private forums if you are interested in joining us for the Machine Tourney. Date to be announced. Please resond in a timely manner so I am able to relay this roster to Spangler-MCH.

Thank you,

Lord(your esteemed and fearless leader)Bios

Tuesday 23rd July, 2002

//." 5,000 hits!" by Olympus
Yes, somewhere, some minute, some second, made its 5,000th hit.

I wonder who it was? It's just a milestone, I guess, and hopefully we will have many more hits to go! We'll really celebrate at the 50,000 mark.

Anyway, I made some updates to the site today. I have made the challenge form, which works great, I have made the "for recruits" page, and I also have made the server info page with info on the server.

I'll be adding Voltron, Zorn, and Chappy to the roster page soon.

I have made it so no one can use the recruit form anymore, as we are full with 17 members (over our 15 member limit, but hey they're vets).


Saturday 20th July, 2002

//." Counter-Strike server.." by Olympus
Some of you may not have noticed yet, but I updated the "info" picture in the right hand corner of the page above the news with a new server and some updated information. is a gaming site dedicated to the gaming community around BC and more specifically Vancouver.

I have worked for the current owner, Hendo, and will start working for him again this coming August on He is also starting a business with his partner/boss called, which rents out game servers.

Through this, I will be able to become an admin on the server and more specifically DL should be able to have our matches, practices, etc. when we need to.

I thank Hendo of very much for this.

As part of our agreement, we should fill up this server as much as we can. Even if only two of us ]DL[ join, users scanning on gamespy will join in, and it will also become a very popular server because of its location and connection. Users in Seattle and Vancouver ping in the range from 10 - 50 on this server, which means as soon as we get players in it this server will become a community.

Server specs are this:
Dual Athlon MP 1900+ (1.67Ghz x 2)
SCSI hdd's
gigabit backbone to Telus via harbour center facility in Vancouver, B.C.

Lets fill up this server folks!

Friday 19th July, 2002

//." DL Pic" by Maul
Everyone in DL please get as recent a picture of yourself as you can and send it to Olympus. This is for both active and inactive members. We would like to have a nice group pic. If you have any questions or comments check out the post in the general public forum.

Monday 15th July, 2002

//." Roster page updated" by Olympus
I have updated the roster page with a veteran member who is back online now, named Zephyr. Welcome back, btw. :-)

The three new recruits have also been added, and Romith was removed.

If you will notice, all of the ICQ status images are showing up as disabled. It's not my fault, in fact any page with those status images are like that. ICQ must have changed the way you're suppose to do it or something, I have no idea.

Anyway, there is also ONLY 1 space left on the roster.

I wonder who this will be?

Tuesday 9th July, 2002

//." New recruits" by Olympus
Dreaded Legion has three new recruits we would like to welcome.


Welcome aboard, new recruits!
They will be on a three month recruit period, through which we hope they can become a part of the clan.

In other news, Romith quit, and will be removed from the members page shortly.

Also, we are joining clanbase. So please go here and signup under our team. Select USA as your country.

Wednesday 3rd July, 2002

//." Welcome, Lil'Ruff" by Olympus
Lil'Ruff is now a confirmed ]DL[ team member. Congratulations, Lil'Ruff. The new additions to our squad have proved profitable, and our clan has gained points in activity and value. We now have more active members that are around much more, and we look forward to playing with these new recruits as much as possible.

So, if you don't have his ICQ# yet, give a shout out to Lil'Ruff at 56065263.

This brings our total members to 10.

We currently have three people who are in the selection stage still.

Once we reach 15 members, we will shut down recruiting and that will be it.

P.S. I will update the members page ASAP.

Saturday 29th June, 2002

//." A new member amidst us.." by Olympus
Dreaded Legion would like to welcome our newest member, who goes by Romith.

Congratulations Romith, and we look forward to having you in the clan for a long time and playing many matches with you.

After a week of deciding, we feel Romith will be a valuable asset to the clan.

So everyone congratulate Romith, and here is his ICQ#, 121078949.

I will update the members page shortly.

Thursday 27th June, 2002

//." Scrim with F8s" by Maul
If you want to participate in the scrim against our friends in F8s then you must visit my thread and post what day and time is best for you. I will be setting it up for the date and time that accomodates the most DL members. You will find the thread called "When should I schedule the scrim" in the DL Private General Forum. Thank you for your input.

Tuesday 25th June, 2002

//." Recruit form is up." by Olympus
The form for recruits is now up. If you're wanting to be in DL you can fill out that form for starters.

It e-mails me the completed form right to my inbox.

Anyone in the clan can test it out for them selves if they would like.

....And think twice if you want to try and spam me, it has something called flood protection. :-)

Monday 24th June, 2002

//." Clan guidelines..." by Olympus
I will be compiling the clan guidelines page this week, or in other words our code of conduct, so please stop by this thread in the forums:
Clan Guidelines Thread

Note: You need private access to see that thread, if you are a member and don't have private access please e-mail me.

Saturday 22nd June, 2002

//." Upgrade complete, some mods installed :-)" by Olympus
That's it folks. The upgrade to phpBB v2.01 went flawlessly. Now the boards works better and faster. I've also added some not-so-noticeable mods. The most noticeable one is to your right, where I have added the most recent threads in a table. I also modified the forum so I can include PHP in the template files, and at the bottom of every forum page it now says "PHP energized this page in 0.00xxxx" seconds. That's how long it took the server to make that page, kind of cool eh? :D

Anyway, I'm done for today, off to play some CS. :-)

Friday 21st June, 2002

//." Upgrade to PHPBB v2.01" by Olympus
I am upgrading the forums to version v2.01. If the server crashes, or you can't get to the forums, this is why. I will also be trying to add some cool mods for the forum also.


//." 2 on 2 Tourney" by Maul
is tomorrow, Sat. June 22nd at 6pm Pacific Time and 9pm Eastern. Let's all try to get there a few minutes early so we can pick teams an so on.

Thursday 20th June, 2002

//." A final, ad-free, competent poll" by Olympus
I've finally gotten a decent poll on the website that will go with our design, and doesn't have ads. It doesn't feature a comment system, but who used the old anyway...:P. Anyway, everyone in the clan needs to respond to this poll question, its there for a reason.

Thank you.

Tuesday 18th June, 2002

//." Members page is up!" by Olympus
Well, after a long school year its finally out (been out since the 14th, actually) and its also time for an update.

I completed and uploaded the roster page, and you can now click on the link to it to your left.

This whole week I will be working on the site and trying to get each page up.

Next is the match records page. I'm guessing we are starting all over with matches, so I will just create a template for it and leave the info blank.

Anyway, I sent LordBios an ICQ today saying it'd be cool if we could scrimmage clan F8S in Counter-Strike.

What do you guys think? I think it will liven the clan up and get us back into a routine again.

Anyway, I'll also be working on the please post.


Wednesday 5th June, 2002

//." 2 on 2 Tourney" by Maul
Please see my latest post in the forum. It is in the Private General Forum under the Intra DL 2 on 2 Tourney thread. Please post with your status/summer schedule. I want as big a turnout as possible. Thank you!


Sunday 2nd June, 2002

//." Departure from OGL" by LordBios
Today was our last chance at proving we could as a clan function in OGL. Due to this failure I had requested OGL delete DL from their line-up.


Friday 31st May, 2002

//." Match June 2nd 6pm Eastern" by Maul
EVERYONE please let Lordbios or myself know who can make it. Also see Pain's post in the Counter-Strike Ownage forum. Thank you.


Thursday 23rd May, 2002

//." I'm back..." by Olympus
I've been out of the main flow of things for awhile. The forums have been dull, and the site hasn't been updated in a while (by our standards).

Anyway, I went through some pretty critical windows problems, I had to reformat about 5 times, re-install Windows XP about 5 times, and I'm just getting everything setup again.

I will be ready to jump back into things by the weekend, and I will start knocking out the site sections daily. I also need to customize the forums.

Half-Life is really f*cked up also, so I had to delete the folder and reinstall it.

I'm also just getting back to installing Counter-Strike also.

Anyway, I haven't left if anyone was thinking that, I'm still here, and I will be kicking again soon.

Just thought I would give everyone an update on my situation.

Sunday 19th May, 2002

//." LordBios jr. has arrived!!!" by LordBios
Friday at 16:39 Mr. and Mrs. LordBios had a 9lb 3oz Baby boy. His name is LordBios jr. AKA Eian Stewart Thomas

Monday 13th May, 2002

//." 2 on 2 Tourney Signups" by Maul
If you want to be in the intra DL 2 on 2 Tourney please respond to the entry I made in the forums. Deadline for signup is Fri., May 17th evening. Please include your request for your teammate and any other relevant comments/questions. Thank you.

//." Need clan to vote on new forum style!" by Olympus
I have decided, since there is high demand, that the clan as a whole should vote on a new style for the forums.

The new style, once picked, will be permanent pretty much, and I will also re-design the website after the new forum style so the website and the forums match.

Please go and vote in this thread:

You will find links in that thread to see what each of the three choices look like.

If you vote for the "other" option, please reply with what you would like!!!


Saturday 11th May, 2002

//." Finalized Match Data!!! Saturday May 18th @ 10:30 pm Eastern!!!" by LordBios
05-18-2002 @ 10:30pm is the date for our match against ogre | team cyclops on the East Open ladder.. The maps to be played are: Aztec.

Wednesday 8th May, 2002

//." Check out the forums" by Olympus
I have posted a special something for all of our clan members to download in the private general forum.

It will help out the clan a lot from now on.

Just please go view it and download it.

If you can still not see the private forums, please e-mail me, talk to me on ICQ, or send me a PM in the forums.

Remember that I still need all active clan members to send me the information I request in two posts below this one.

Remember that the deadline is Friday.

A list of the people who have submitted their information to me already is also there.


//." Recieved auto forfiet" by LordBios
We are now on rung 40.
I have mad a new challenge!

Tuesday 7th May, 2002

//." Need Information for members page" by Olympus
I need everyone who is active in the clan to send me the following information:

Real First Name
E-mail Address
Favortie Weapon
A comment about yourself

I need that information in order to a compile a database for the members page of this site.

Please send all of this data to the following e-mail address:

If you don't send me your information, you will not be listed on the members page.

That does not mean I can't add people over time, it just means I would like to get them all in at one time.

I am setting a deadline for this Friday that all member information must be in.

Like I said, I can add you to the member list after, but this clan needs to stay active and we need to find out who the real players are.

Update: Ok, here are the people that have already sent me information:



Monday 6th May, 2002

//." Challenge" by LordBios
We have challenged MaideN[]Qc

Saturday 4th May, 2002

//." Forums are HERE!" by Olympus
After a long, rought, and frustrating time, we pulled through. I and LordBios would like to present you, some Killer Forums.

This is PHPBB2, folks.
The only thing left to do on the forums is create our own graphic, and that's it.

I want everyone to register ASAP, and start posting!

//." Match Information" by LordBios
Team SD-Alpha Team selected 05-05-2002 @ 6:00pm eastern as the date for your match on the East Open ladder.

The Maps to be played are:

Comments from our opponent:
Our server IP is
Good luck!

Just because your paranoid doesn't mean they are not watching you!

//." Some good news....and bad news" by Olympus
Well, I have some good news and some bad news. How about the good news first. The good news is, LordBios ordered MySQL for our server! Now I can get to installing PHPBB2!

The bad news is, well, my ftp client sort of deleted a lot of stuff on the server, including the PHP files for our news. This means I had to go back and reinstall the whole script. The web stats also got deleted, but those are no biggy as they are fairly easy to install. At most, this puts me back an hour or two.

- Signin' Out -

//." Testing the news" by Olympus
Yet again.....


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