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» Recruit Requirements
The following is a list of requirements a new recruit must adhere to in order to be a proper candidate for the Dreaded Legion.
  1. All potential new members must register and post in our recruit forum. Their post will be an introduction about themselves and a brief bio with the following information: Real name, C-S handle, age, location, computer and hardware, connection to the internet, why you would like to be in the Dreaded Legion, and what you can bring to our clan.
  2. The following is a list of software and hardware necessary for proper communication with other clan members:
    ICQ (newest version available at
    mIRC (
    Microphone (headset preferred)
    Full Duplex sound card. Most built on PC-97 sound cards do not support Full Duplex.
  3. All new members are on a 3 month probation period. During this time your name will look like this: ]DL[nameofrecruit[r]. That means you wear the normal clan tag but a lowercase "r" at the end of your name in brackets [r]. This is to help members identify you as a probationary "recruit" clansmen.
  4. All recruits must attend any practices or meetings we hold. Whether it be on mirc, in CS or wherever. If you don't have time to make it, then you should report to a clan leader as soon as possible. An ocassional missed meeting is understandable, but repeatedly missing meetings will not be tolerated and you will most likely be asked to leave the clan.
  5. All Clansmen will be given a chance to vote on your receiving permanent status after this three month probation. All votes will be confidential. I or any Clan admin will never reveal who voted for whom, so please dont ask. A 2/3rd majority vote in the "affirmative" is necessary to be selected. If the situation permits, all new recruits will be called out to a special boot camp. At this boot camp you will go up against all available clan members to be tested in battle.
  6. All recruits will be allowed to play in all matches and scrimages as space allows. However admittance to a few "clan only" areas may not be given until voted in by the clan. All former Recruits who were not voted in for full membership must immediately remove the clan tag as this is a protected trade mark logo belonging to
  7. Former recruits may re-apply for trial membership after 30 days has past from the end of their previous probation.

During the probationary period the following areas will be evaluated:

  • If we schedule/hold a practice or a meeting and you are supposed to come you will be expected to make it. You are allowed to miss one practice/meeting if your excuse permits.

  • Ability to function as a "team" member. Are you willing to die for the objective, or are you too worried about your stats?

  • Personal skill and ability to improve on existing skill level.

  • Personal conduct during game play (see the Dreaded Legion Clan Guidelines).

  • Dedication to TEAM vs the individual. Do not just quit a practice because your having an "off day". Stick it out and keep trying. If you give up during practice you will give up on us when we need you the most. Personal stats mean nothing to us - team stats do!

  • Probation may be waved for new members if skill and team abilities are already known to clan members.

  • The admin has the right to terminate probation at any time if it is considered a waste of bandwidth for all parties included for you to continue "trying out" for the clan.


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