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Clan Dreaded Legion: Member List/Roster

» Brief Information
Clan Dreaded Legion is an typically an invite-only clan. That means if we see you on our favorite server a lot, and if we like your attitude, along with your skills, we just might invite you to join the clan.

All of the people on the following below list have showen us this criteria. They have made it through the ranks, and most of them have been with Dreaded Legion for 3 years or more. We started out as a Quake clan. Now we mainly play Counter-Strike.

If you play on Spc, F8S, [U|M], []LAW[], ]DP[ or McH's servers, then you know who we are and if you would like to join the clan, fill out the form on the "For Recruits" page and we will watch for you everytime we see you on the server.

The list belows contains the active clan members only, there are some inactive clan members who show up every now and then, but they aren't listed.

If you want to see where we are playing just click on the player name and you will be taken to a gametiger page.

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Don't say we didn't warn you!!
Name Rank Country Time Zone Division ICQ#
Lordbios Leader US Pacific CS 19045481
Anon Co Leader US Pacific CS 105867615
JimmyJazz Co Leader Canada Mountain CS 11945722
Maul Co Leader US Pacific Halo,CS,JK2 39148181
WolfePack Co Leader US Mid-West Halo,CS,JK2
Olympus Co Leader US Eastern CS 47597293
A-Bomb Veteran Member Turkey Gobble CS 106765007
Chappy Veteran Member US Eastern CS 9229362
Dyno Veteran Member Canada Eastern CS 21241878
Infinity Veteran Member US Eastern CS N/A
Painkiller Veteran Member US Eastern CS 126517376
Ruffian949 Veteran Member US Central CS 6084313
S3aWolf Veteran Member US Central TFC,DoD,NS,UT 2610017
Simpson Veteran Member N/A N/A N/A N/A
Sirhann Veteran Member US Pacific CS 126655538
Volt Veteran Member US Eastern Q3A 5754250
Zorn Veteran Member US Eastern JK2 415795
AvatarOFpain Member US Western CS 161780407
)(InSaNe)( Member US Western CS 158321153
Harmless Member US Eastern CS 106480479
InK Member US Pacific CS 138158103
K-303 Member Hungary Rumble CS 162695035


Member US Central CS 56065263
Linder_12 Member US Central CS 163990941
Skitzy Member US Eastern CS 525949
underdogg Member US Pacific CS 171432096
X-303 Member Canada Eastern CS 87305915
Spc_Rick2969 Recruit US Eastern CS 208166087
>> Other Information
Clan Clan Dreaded Legion is currently recruiting. If you play CS and you have skills please inquire within.

Please go over the recruit guidelines and then fill out the form. That is if you are looking to join clan ]DL[. Maybe, just maybe, your name will end up here.


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